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Please read our Privacy Policy on how we process your data. We offer a wide range of fine art prints online with modern and trend-proof designs. With Scandinavian design as our starting point, our trendy posters fit perfectly with diverse interior styles. We offer popular posters from famous artists and photographers as well as prints designed by our creative team exclusively for Desenio. Give your walls new life!

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Six years after a rain-borne virus wipes out most of Scandinavia’s population, two siblings join a band of young survivors seeking safety — and answers. Watch.

When Johanne’s body is found, the police believe it to be a tragic accident, but Peter goes to Erik with his own suspicions. Get in touch via the Contact Us below if you’re interested in these apps. With more than scripted shows a year to watch in the U. Also, find the top new songs, playlists, and music on our website! Swedish TV is recognised all around the world for having some amazingly high-quality shows, especially in the crime and drama genres.

Over the past five years, Scandinavia has entered a golden age of sorts in television. Browse the full list of Swedish TV shows streaming on Hoopla. This gripping Swedish crime drama follows Rebecka Martinsson, a successful Stockholm lawyer whose life is turned upside down after a violent death in the hometown she tried to leave behind. Read More. Sebastian Bergman. Shows like The Bridge, Real Humans, and Wallander have been huge international successes and have won fans in countries far away from Sweden.

Adapted by Emmy award-winning screenwriters Mai Brostrom and Peter Thorsboe, from the book by Anne Holt, Modus follows psychologist and profiler Inger Johanne Vik Swedish TV is recognized all around the world for having some amazingly high-quality shows, especially in the crime and drama genres. Thirty-eight episodes have been filmed to date, with all episodes from the fifth series onwards broadcast on C More. The focus here is solving crimes with an international dimension, such as the murders of three businessmen, an American serial killer hiding in Sweden and the murder of illegal immigrants.

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By Radio Times Staff. The Crown series 4 lands on Netflix on Friday 15 November. Find out more about The Crown series 4. The story begins when Strike receives a visit from Billy, a troubled young man asking the detective to investigate a crime he believes he witnessed as a child.

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Culture Trip stands with Black Lives Matter. Scandinavians are punctual people, and this punctuality takes over all their daily habits as well. Just as they will arrive on time for a business meeting or a dinner party, you can rest assured that they will also never keep you waiting for a date. The notion of gender equality is so ingrained in Scandinavian society that men usually refrain from extending gentleman-y gestures towards women — like opening doors, getting a chair, etc.

And if you end up moving in together and having kids, the house chores and responsibilities will also be evenly distributed. Danes, Swedes and Norwegians understand the importance of fuelling up to face the day. However, what they cannot understand is how anyone can eat a sugary cereal for breakfast and feel good afterwards. A typical Scandinavian breakfast comprises a sandwich with various combinations of bread, cheese, fruits and sometimes jam.

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And now, in the days of Tinder, even less so because the rules are always changing. Second, the Scandinavian behavioural codes differ slightly. Those little cultural differences, from each of the three countries, come into play much more when you spend that time with someone, getting to know them in a more intimate and romantic way.

Norway officially the Kingdom of Norway, is a Nordic country in Northern Europe whose When Ohthere of Hålogaland visited King Alfred the Great in England in the end of the ninth century, the land was called Norðwegr (lit. “Northway”) In the southern part of the country are dwelling sites dating from about 5, BC.

A soothing colour palette, clean lines and surprisingly flattering lighting are just a few of the things that have made Scandi style kitchens a hit. Scandinavian design is characterised by its clean lines, simplicity and minimalism. Layout is an important part of any Scandi style kitchen. To stick with the Scandinavian design movement aim for an open plan kitchen with plenty of space for the family to gather.

If you only have a small kitchen to work with, you can still replicate this effect by introducing other elements of Scandinavian design, such as a muted colour palette and clever storage solutions to make the space feel bright and organised. Scandi-inspired kitchens tend to be very minimal, focusing on a muted colour palette of white, grey pale pink and blues.

The final touch is lighting. Opt for pendant lights over a kitchen island to cast a cosy glow over the entire kitchen. In small kitchens, cleverly placed lights on shelves will also work a treat. This makes it perfect for making the most out of small kitchens. In a small kitchen, space is at a premium so make the most of every inch with open shelves for everyday items above the sink, as seen in this kitchen.

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In the year Norway deeded Shetland to Scotland, and soon Scots began arriving as lairds, merchants, clergy and Moving forward, ongoing studies in the research community will focus on forensic DNA testing of Viking skeletons to obtain definitive proof of the origins of the CY mutations and solidifying a Viking link to this prominent European genetic disease. People who live in Britain and have I1 in their DNA can be quite confident, especially if their paternal name is Norse, that their ancestry is somewhat Viking.

Richard III’s mitochondrial haplotype was inferred from living descendants and then the identity of his remains confirmed through a multidisciplinary process including genetic analysis of both his mitochondrial and Y-DNA. Even though Moving forward, ongoing studies in the research community will focus on forensic DNA testing of Viking skeletons to obtain definitive proof of the origins of the CY mutations and solidifying a Viking link to this prominent European genetic disease.

Based on your specific genetic characteristics, we can identify your origins and state from which line the Celtic descent is paternal, maternal or both lines.

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Regional language: Kven. Minority status: [4]. Norway is bordered by Finland and Russia to the north-east, and the Skagerrak strait to the south, with Denmark on the other side. The maritime influence also dominates Norway’s climate with mild lowland temperatures on the sea coasts, whereas the interior, while colder, is also a lot milder than areas elsewhere in the world on such northerly latitudes. Even during polar night in the north, temperatures above freezing are commonplace on the coastline.

The maritime influence brings high rainfall and snowfall to some areas of the country.

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UK – £2. 5 Cup Cavity Muffin Pan NORDIC WARE Aluminized Steel Non-Stick largest-known coin hoard dating from the immediate aftermath of the Norman.

Six years after a rain-borne virus wipes out most of Scandinavia’s population, two siblings join a band of young survivors seeking safety — and answers. A deadly virus spread by rainfall forces siblings Simone and Rasmus to seek refuge in an underground bunker, parting ways with their scientist father. After six years of isolation, Simone and Rasmus encounter other survivors.

To stay alive, Simone must prove herself useful to the group. Simone and the others set out for Apollon headquarters in Sweden, but their trek through Copenhagen is fraught with peril. Jealousy flares in Martin and Beatrice. Simone and Rasmus meet a doctor with a connection to their father. A memory haunts Jean. Lost in the woods, the group stumbles upon a mansion.

The residents invite them to stay the night, and Lea bonds with one of the women. Rasmus and Beatrice grow closer as they spend time alone together. The others discover a new bunker — and a disturbing secret that lies within. A band of armed strangers tries to extract information from Patrick. Rasmus begins to unravel in the wake of a grim discovery.

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Scandinavia is Denmark, Sweden and Norway. Different countries, different languages, different cultures with some similarities. When you go to a Scandinavian house, expect to remove your shoes in the hallway. We drink more coffee than anyone else in the whole world. More than the Italians, more than the French… More than anyone. By quite a massive stretch, too. We drink tons of it.

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of chavvy, another Romany word dating back to the late s meaning “child”. but it’s possible that it might be related to an old Scandinavian word meaning and provides weekly language and history.

Culture Trip stands with Black Lives Matter. Your chances of scoring a date are high is you suggest meeting at a bar. Danes are at their most sociable in bars. Plus, many Danish bars have long wooden tables that can be shared by more than one group of friends, so grab one and get into a conversation. Tip: talk with the friends of the person you like before giving your crush extra attention. This is not the case in Denmark. Here, it is quite common for women to make the first move, a custom which could be attributed to the fact that Danish society has been built on an egalitarian model—everyone is considered equal.

Try to be more creative. Make sure to include a six pack of beers if you want to break the ice faster. Danes are stylish , but they rarely wear fancy clothes—they know better than anyone how to combine comfort with style. A fashionable outfit will definitely be appreciated, but keep in mind not to over do it or you may end up feeling very uncomfortable.

In Denmark, it is more common to split although certain people may still carry those traditional expectations. Embrace their directness and enjoy the fact that you have one thing less thing to worry about. Make sure to have learnt the difference before entering the Danish dating scene.

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